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Questions, please?

  • How long does it take to customize and create my jewellery?
    About 4 - 6 weeks. This includes designing, crafting and finalising the end product. Shipping it back from the factory to our studio.
  • What is the main difference in 9K, 14K, 18K gold and platinum?
    The higher the grade of gold signifies a greater composition of gold in the jewellery. For example, 14k gold consists of 58.5% gold in the whole metal composition while 18k gold consist of 75% gold. As for platinum, it consists of either 90 or 95% of platinum and the remaining would be alloy.
  • Do your diamonds/stones come with certification?
    For natural diamonds and stones above 0.3 carat, we can provide GIA / NGI certification upon request. Lab-grown diamonds of sizes 0.5 carat and above do come with IGI certification as well. We guarantee that our diamonds/stones are from credible sources and have been quality checked. We picked diamonds that have notable degree of quality based on the 4Cs. Namely, our diamonds are all VS quality and above and colour falls between D to H range.
  • Do you carry more lab grown diamonds which aren't shown on your web?
    Yes! Do let us know of your requirements, and we can source it for you! 😊
  • Will payment be made in full upon confirmation of the creation of the jewellery?
    We would require a 30% deposit once order is confirmed. Only upon collection of your jewellery, the full payment has to be in!
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